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The Association for People with Autism was founded in 1990, and is recognized by the state as a charitable non-profit organization. We are a member of AUTISM EUROPE and the WORLD AUTISM ORGANIZATION. The main purpose of our Association is to work to secure the rights of people with Autism, to ensure a dignified and quality life and their inclusion in the community. The needs of autistic individuals, both juveniles and adults, have necessitated the immediate operation of education, care, socialization, treatment and social service programs. The association’s programmes are aimed at children and adults alike, aiming at their total integration and inclusion in society. The programmes in the six model intervention centres across Cyprus include skills training, mainly in self-care and autonomy as well as the development of social skills.The welfare programme, individuals participate in individual physiotherapy and speech therapy programmes, as well as in group classes in theatre, music, cooking, gymnastics, hippo therapy, swimming, messy play and sensory therapy.


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