Promoting inclusion through Social Innovation Education is an Erasmus+ KA2 project that runs from November 2022 to December 2024.


About Us

The SIE4P.Inc project seeks to address the problem of the lack of opportunities for empowering students with AEN (Additional Educational Needs) to become agents of change by creating the first-ever framework, resources, and training for inclusive Social Innovation Education (SIE). The project’s target groups (young people with AEN, teachers, and youth volunteers) will benefit from the inclusive framework, the training, and the resources that are going to be developed during the life of the project.


Develop an inclusive SIE framework that will enable teachers to adopt a new educational approach for students with AEN.



Train teachers from a diverse range of additional education providers, support them to apply SIE, and develop the change-making competences of students with AEN.



Create educational and training resources for teachers to be able to confidently work with students on social action projects.



Provide an engaging opportunity for young people up to 25 years to participate in volunteering to learn about social innovation through hands-on experience, work with young people with AEN and make transnational connections.




Social Innovation Education Inclusion Framework



Development of Educational Resources (Handbook and Activity Bank)



Social Innovation Education for Inclusion Academy



• Young people with AEN
•Youth volunteers
•Community members


Target groups